Art practice – figures in clay

My ceramic practice focuses on the human figure and through it I explore the human psyche as expressed in gesture, expression and movement. I draw on my own emotional history and from observing and interpreting the moods and behaviours of others.

Influences: Anthony Gormley, Alberto Giacometti, Frida Kahlo, Amadeo Modigliani, Auguste Rodin, Marino Marini, Degas. Figurative ceramic artists, Debra Fritts, Michelle Gregor, Mary Susan Cate.

Through regular practice in the studio I have developed my own handbuilding techniques. I also like to experiment with different clays, firing temperatures and to explore surfaces using oxides, stains, glazes and multiple firings,

Observation of anatomy, likeness and proportion is learned through sculpting (and drawing) from life to represent the human figure.  I research my subjects, provide mentoring with established artists, run short courses and workshops – and this informs and influences my work.