Introducing Kay…

At my home in Havelock North, I (Kay) work in my studio most days. I have lived here since 1999, when we moved from Huapai in north-west Auckland to Hawke’s Bay.  

My work life revolves around writing and my art practice – sculpting figures and writing articles for magazine publications, BayBuzz and The Gardener’s Journal. Creativity is a strong motivator and has always been a satisfying and passionate aspect of my life and is reflected in a wide range of interests including gardening.

In 2004 I attended the Ideas School at the Eastern Institute of Technology for their Level 3 full time course and discovered sculpture in clay which captivated and excited me.  Mastering the skill of creating a likeness in clay requires persistence in practice and a very observant eye for people.

The painting below by Philip E. Stretton “Stable companions” was inherited by my husband from his uncle who was a Buckinghamshire farmer and Master of the Old Berkeley Hunt, a painting that reflects his passion. It was the sale of this painting through the Webbs Auction House which funded the conversion of the former potting shed in my garden and facilitated my development as an artist.

Kay Bazzard

My work is featured in Muse Gallery in Havelock North, and The Artshed at Bayview and Gallery Te Puna in Tauranga. My studio is open as part of the Hawke’s Bay Art Trail  in October during the annual Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival and listed in the Hawke’s Bay Art Guide.  

Outside of that time I welcome visitors to my Toop Street studio and request that you contact me to make a time when it is convenient to us both.