Waiting (For Life to Begin)

Waiting (For Life to Begin) Exhibition Dates

19 May – 24th June 2018, Hastings City Art Gallery, Holt Gallery


2353 people visited the exhibition over five weeks. This included groups such as schools, pre-schools, art groups, tourists and local visitors.

In Waiting (For Life to Begin) numerous Raku clayfigures stand on their clod-like feet.  Each figure, though part of the larger installation, seems isolated by their own circumstance. The various characters in the statuettes share a sense of vulnerability, or uncertainty, appearing to be in some kind of provisional situation. Without any obvious context which might give us clues to the nature of their circumstance, emphasis is given to the burden of their dilemma.

In this world where uncertainty and radical change leave many of us profoundly vulnerable or overwhelmed, Bazzard’s motionless figures seem to silently inspire connection and empathy for the displaced or susceptible.